In Studio Blog: City College of New York

Julia Lu Spitzer at City College of New York Degree Program: BArch Year in School: 2nd Year   Describe your studio culture. Crying without crying because the people make it better. Give one tip that has helped you succeed in studio. Always have munchies on hand and always plan ahead. What motivates you to work… Read more »


In Studio Blog: North Dakota State University

Benjamin Strehlow North Dakota State University Degree Program: Architecture Year: Fourth   Describe your studio culture: Studio Culture is our policy for both faculty and students that outlines the expectations, goals, and responsibilities in the studio environment and education, which we have summed up as “dedication, long nights, and hard work”. Give one tip that has helped… Read more »


In Studio Blog: University of Texas – Arlington

Miguel Mendez University of Texas – Arlington Bachelor of Science in Architecture Third Year Describe your studio culture. In my studio we all have the same love for architecture and at the same time enrichment and growth every day. Give one tip that has helped you succeed in studio. Optimism, hard work, friendships and AIAS… Read more »


In Studio Blog: Lewis and Clark Community College

Logan Walker Lewis and Clark Community College Degree Program: Transfer Year in School: 2nd Year Describe your studio culture. Hard working students constantly working, helping and laughing together! Give on tip that has helped you succeed in studio. Realizing that it takes more than class time to finish a project. You have to be dedicated. What motivates… Read more »


All About You

We have some great news; our National Office is getting a makeover! I don’t know if you saw the old office but we were kind of stuck in the 1960s. Thanks to our good friends at IKEA, now we are new and innovative! We are going to use this office to the fullest and with the new restructuring; it’s going to help us work more efficiently…


No More Neutral

October 15th, 2014 Vice President Obi Okolo has a favorite Twitter hashtag: #nomoreneutral. For an organization like the AIAS, I think it’s a powerful unifying concept. The AIAS is a community. A community with a voice driven by ideas, thoughts, perspective, preferences, and opinions. At the national office, it’s our job to find out what… Read more »


Let’s Get Social

October 1st, 2014 With October here, we are making some pretty big changes in the AIAS National Office. On October 6th, we are rolling out with our new social media plan. This will improve our communication with you, but most importantly allow us to listen to you, more than ever. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube… Read more »


Talking IDP

September 24, 2014 This month, the AIAS Staff has been attending NCARB Licensure presentations at chapters in the D.C. area. We traveled to Chapters at the University of the District of Columbia, University of Maryland, and Catholic University. This week, we’ll be at Howard University! The presentations went over establishing your IDP hours with NCARB… Read more »


Learning From You

September 17, 2014 As many of you know, Obi and I have been doing a lot of travel recently. Obi just spent a week touring the AIAS chapters and schools across Texas, and I’ve been on a crazy trip around the West Quad, ranging from San Diego to Bozeman, Montana! It’s been an exhausting run,… Read more »


Diversify Your Portfolio

September 10, 2014  The beginning of the fall semester brings an opportunity to connect with friends you haven’t seen since last year, and probably won’t see much of again once studio projects hit full stride in October. However, this year, I challenge you to work hard to keep those friendships and relationships alive and growing… Read more »


AIAS is Architecture and _________ .

September 4, 2014 Today’s reality is that Architecture alone isn’t enough. Architecture school alone isn’t enough. Don’t get me wrong: I would never in anyway demean the pedagogical process. I love and cherish my architectural education. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. But it wasn’t enough. In the constant struggle between the realities of… Read more »


Back to School with AIAS

August 27, 2014 Yesterday Charlie and I held our debut on the BIG screen! Let me just say, for my first time on a webinar, I was nervous. My degree is in public relations and I started at the AIAS in February, so my knowledge of architecture isn’t the best. Speaking about IDP, the Architect… Read more »