May 1, 2019

The American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) and LS3P Associates LTD. is proud to announce the winners of the winter InStudio: Portfolio Competition. AIAS members were asked to share their portfolios to highlight their studio work and to provide inspiration for those looking to enhance their own skill sets. This competition was open to all years and skill sets.


Luisa Gonzalez
Ryerson University

Juror’s Comments

This is an exceptional portfolio. The composition was outstanding and the continuity of graphic styling is appreciated. I would be very excited to hire this person as they seem adept at design, representation, and have a clear knowledge of detailing.

Great as a cohesive composition overall. I like that their pages and text have a design element to them.


Rafael Armendariz
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Juror’s Comments

Excellent renderings and diagrams that effectively communicate the design. Appreciate the simple layout of each sheet which allows each image room to breathe and the attention it deserves.

An outstanding portfolio. I like that the renderings have diagrammatic quality and/or they really act to tell a story. The construction mock up was fantastic. I felt that the portfolio was well balanced to illustrate creative work and ’employability’.


Austin Madrigale
Texas A&M University

Juror’s Comments

Bravo – this portfolio looks an architecture book or magazine. The text is expertly manipulated. This a subtle and often under-appreciated skill. The work itself is sophisticated and beautiful.

A well thought out and creative piece – reinforces the student’s design work and ability to draw and present. Extremely cohesive.


A thank you to our jurors:

Zachary Schultz, LS3P Associates LTD.
Sandra Grzemski, LS3P Associates LTD.
Nathan Daniel, LS3P Associates LTD.
Jaime Henderson, LS3P Associates LTD.
Julie Barghout, LS3P Associates LTD.
Tim Matthews, Director of Art & Creative at AIAS National

Stay tuned for In Studio: Photo competition, both launching June 1.