January 29, 2024

Calling all student writers, poets, researchers, and theory enthusiasts!

We are looking for writers like yourself for the upcoming issue of CRIT!!

CRIT is one of the sole student-run editorials that presents the opportunity for students to have their writing published and internationally viewed. Whether you are looking for a place to have part of your thesis printed, a platform to help you develop as an architectural writer or a forum where you can share your interests in theory and discourse – we would love to have you apply for our team!

Upon selection, you will be working with our editors to craft a piece over the next 5-6 months to be published in our journal, which can range from an adaptation of a previous piece of writing or a new work that coincides with the selected theme. This year’s theme (To be disclosed upon release!) comments on the entanglement of real and unreal phenomena into an indistinguishable existence (a hyperreality). We hope to find writers willing to interpret this broad topic into any architectural discussion or framework they are genuinely interested in pursuing.

To apply, please scan the QR code in the graphic above or follow this link to submit a writing sample, a statement of intent, and a resume by February 9th! And please email criteditors@aias.org with any questions you may have about the timing, content, nature of CRIT, or your application 🙂

We are so excited to see your work!
Cristina, Shillpa, Tomás
CRIT 94 Editors