May 9, 2017 by Aaron McCauley, Anna Anklin, Ashlan Jones, Black Spectacles, Caleb R. Munson, Cameron Kayne, Carlos Sotelo, Claire Natola, Clayton R. Daher, Elizabeth Seidel, Gabrielle Herbosa, Jenn Elder, Jenny Nguyen, Jeremy Gentile, Kimberly Tuttle, Marcos Cruz Ortiz, Mariah Tobin, Morgan Stahl, Natalie Neumann, NCARB, Nick Serfass, Rachel Law, Sarah Curry, Sarah Wahlgren

As a new committee of the AIAS, the Design Think Tank strives to understand how AIAS Members distinguish themselves as leaders in design. We firmly believe that being part of the AIAS family has helped each of us approach design in unique ways. We are an organization that focuses on advocating for stronger communities, both in and out of architecture. FORUM, Quad Conferences, Grassroots and local chapter activity has opened our eyes to different ways that Architecture can be utilized to help those around us. As a community that understands the power of design, we serve as models and examples for how we can elevate one another.

The Design Think Tank is proud to present the Designers of AIAS: our way of shedding light on how the AIAS has inspired our design processes. Through a series of testimonies, we are excited to show our membership how AIAS has influenced our designs in studio and the career paths we may take in the future.

So, how has AIAS impacted your approach design? We want to hear your voice so that our organization can continue to advocate for the future of the built environment! The designs we want to see in the world! Shoot us a line at, Subject Line: Designers of AIAS.


With excitement,

2016-2017 Design Think Tank

  • Maria Jose Hurtado Ortiz, Chair
  • Jeremy Gentile, Midwest Quadrant Director
  • Bhavana Shyamsundar
  • Devon Zurcher
  • Kevin Leong
  • Morgan Jacobs