March 15, 2018

Design Think Tank 2017-2018

Kevin Leong, Chair Andrews University

Caitlin Kessler, Board Liaison West Quadrant Director

Tyler Gaeth University of Minnesota

J Hunter Freeman University of Texas – Arlington

Justin Milburn University of New Mexico

Roxy Treviño Texas A&M University

David Rosa Rivera Savannah College of Arts and Design

Sarah Page Auburn University


#DesignersofAIAS was launched last year by the 2016-2017 Design Think Tank as a platform for AIAS members to brag about how AIAS has inspired their design processes. Through a series of testimonies, we aim to show our membership how AIAS has influenced our designs in and out of studio. 

This year, the 2017-2018 Design Think Tank relaunched #designersofAIAS and attempted to ease the submittal process by just requiring the use of the hashtag. To celebrate our relaunch and to increase the hashtag engagement, we will be launching a #designersofAIAS competition.


The chapter that has the most members using the hashtag #designersofAIAS will receive the opportunity to brag about their chapter at Grassroots for  3 minutes at opening night General Session. You could do anything from showing a video of your chapter’s culture or do a presentation of your members work. The possibilities are endless (within reason). It will be a chance for you to #bragaboutit. Competition deadline is May 31st. All participants from your chapter must be active AIAS members. 

How to be featured on #designersofAIAS

  1. Post on Instagram a rendering/sketch or even a photograph of your project or studio space and write a quote of how your AIAS experience has influenced your design and made you a leader in design.
  2. Hashtag #designersofAIAS and tag @aiasorg on your photo
  3. We will contact you to feature you on our social media sites!

So, how has AIAS impacted your approach design? We want to hear your voice, so that our organization can continue to advocate for the future of the built environment and the designs we want to see in the world!