AIAS Grassroots Leadership Conference

Amplify [Y]Our Leadership
Amplify [Y]Our Design
Amplify [Y]Our Service

July 18-21, 2019
Washington, DC

Amplify [verb]
– expansion of a statement, narrative, etc.
– to make larger, greater, or stronger
– the matter or substance used to expand an idea, statement, or the like

The AIAS Grassroots Leadership Conference is the platform to discuss chapter leadership, business leadership, community involvement and innovation. Learn from local CEOs, founders, government officials and professionals.

Throughout the 2018-2019 year, AIAS members and chapters have been encouraged to recognize and celebrate their individual paths to success. This year of “Success Seeking” and “Success Sharing” has demonstrated that despite the fact that “success” can take on a different meaning for everyone, AIAS is here to supplement your education, showcase what you can achieve with your degree, help you determine your path, support those interests, bridge the gap between education and the profession, and ultimately, aid members into becoming the best versions of themselves.

The stories shared, knowledge gained, and advocacy initiatives that emerged this year have resulted in undeniable momentum for the organization, and now it’s time to AMPLIFY that momentum. Grassroots 2019 is an opportunity for AIAS members to get exposed to the training, resources, skills, network, and passion required to reach their full potential. Join us in Washington, DC this July to truly AMPLIFY [y]our leadership, design, and service.

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