Each month, the AIAS highlights the outstanding dedication and accomplishments of one of its members. The Chapter Leader of the Month can be a Chapter President or any member who has shown tremendous leadership.



Roxy Treviño is currently a fourth-year student in Environmental Design at Texas A&M University where she serves as the 2016-2017 AIAS Chapter President. Her involvement with the AIAS began her sophomore year after attending the 2015 South Quad Conference in New Orleans where she saw “the power AIAS has: the power to be a change agent in the industry, and the impact design can have on the lives of others.”

After that, she involved herself with AIAS and her local AIA chapter. “I fell in love with the organization, and haven’t looked back since,” said Roxy.

South Quad Director Jenn Elder said Roxy is an infectiously energetic leader, constantly spreading joy and excitement for the AIAS and it’s mission. “I’ve been thrilled to watch Texas A&M flourish through her term and look forward to the spirit she’ll continue to bring to the profession,” said Jenn.

AIAS Alumni from Texas A&M University and FORUM 2017 Partnerships Director Ricardo de Jesús Maga Rojas said Roxy has been critical in the professional development of students where she continues to advocate for equity and minorities in architecture. “Roxy attended the AIA Women’s Leadership Summit in Seattle in 2015 where she returned excited to push forward with her advocacy,” said Ricardo. “This momentum propelled Roxy forward as she coordinated the efforts of our Alternate Paths to Licensure Panel as a way for students at Texas A&M to gauge the importance of alternate career paths outside of architecture.”

Ricardo said that Roxy realizes the importance of Texas A&M University’s undergraduate program not being a NAAB-accredited degree program because it allows students to explore different paths in design while gaining the broad architectural design experience in school. “Roxy is truly deserving of this recognition as an exemplary AIAS member and friend to students of architecture nationwide,” he said.

Roxy said AIAS has been a part of Texas A&M for 45 years and “we are so fortunate to have an incredible network of AIAS Alumni. I strongly believe that your network is your net worth, and have made it a priority to connect students to resources on campus, in the profession, and promote a sense of camaraderie amongst our chapter.”

Roxy praises her board for exemplifying leadership, design and service and said she is fortunate to work with them. “I am proud of the work we have been able to accomplish here at Texas A&M, and can not wait to see these individuals lead the profession,” she said.

Outside of AIAS, Roxy is an undergraduate member of the graphic design group for the Department of Architecture. After graduation, Roxy plans to pursue a Master of Architecture degree.