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When is FORUM?

FORUM will be held from Thursday, January 4-Sunday, January 7, 2024. Programming will begin Thursday morning with the Opening Council of Presidents (CoP) meeting, and will conclude Sunday evening with a social event.

Where will the conference be held?

FORUM will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana, at the New Orleans Marriott, which is the official conference hotel. Apart from some external tours, all sessions will be held at the Marriott, along with registration, the Career & College Expo, and the evening social events, including Saturday’s Beaux Arts Ball.

How can I register for the conference?

You can register for the conference here.

Is there a deadline for registration?

Early-bird rates are available through October 31; regular registration closes December 5. Onsite (late) registration will be available at the New Orleans Marriott.

What are the cancellation and refund policies?

The AIAS Conference Cancellation and Refund Policy will be as follows to assure consistency and is applicable to FORUM 2024:

The final date to request a full refund for conference registration is Monday, December 18, 2023. Registrants canceling their registration after December 18, 2023 will not receive a refund. The refund and cancellation policy will not be waived.

How do I book my hotel?

The New Orleans Marriott is the official FORUM hotel. Registration will be located here, as will all sessions, the Career & College Expo, and evening social events, including Saturday night’s Beaux Arts Ball.

AIAS has negotiated a special FORUM rate of $189/night. Each room features two beds, so each room can accommodate 4 people. To take advantage of this special rate, register here. A limited number of rooms are available, so make your reservations early; at the latest, by Wednesday, December 13, 2023!!

What airport should I fly into?

The New Orleans Marriott is approximately 15 miles from Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. 

What will the weather be like in New Orleans during FORUM?

In January, the average high temperature in New Orleans is in the mid-60s. Evening lows are in the upper 40s to low 50s. 

Is there a dress code for FORUM?

For most of the conference, feel free to dress as comfortably and casually as you’d like. You may wish to switch to business casual or more professional attire for the Career & College Expo, and bring your best outfit for Saturday’s Beaux Arts Ball!

It’s my first time attending; how can I make the most of FORUM?

You (or your school) paid good money for the conference, and the easiest way to make the most of it is to participate in everything you sign up for, and engage with everyone you meet. 

Once you’ve made the brilliant decision to attend FORUM, life can only get better! You can make the most of the conference before the conference even starts by encouraging your friends to sign up with you. It’s not only cheaper to register in groups of six or more, but it also means that you’ll have a great group to hang out with and meet your fellow attendees.

When you get to FORUM, get ready to meet absolutely everyone! The more people you meet, the easier it will get to introduce yourself and get to know your peers. They’re going through everything you’re going through, but at a different school (maybe a school you almost went to, or the school you want to go to). You could meet your new best friend, new future colleague or business partner, a future boss, or even someone special – and it all starts with being approachable, inclusive, and kind. Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, there are people like you at FORUM, and they’re looking for you, too.

We recognize that New Orleans is an exciting city with plentiful nightlife, no matter what your interests are. But the AIAS strongly recommends staying hydrated and getting good sleep each night so that you’re not a zombie during the mornings. You don’t want to be attending sessions with a groggy migraine, right? Look out for each other and be courteous to people who are looking out for you. Be safe, and make sure those around you stay safe as well.The time has finally come, time to prep your ROLL CALL! Roll call is one of the highlights of our national AIAS event! This is your chance to show off your chapter’s creativity with a chant, a skit, a video, or anything in between. Talk to your chapter president to coordinate what your chapter will be doing. If you happen to be the only member from your chapter attending, you can still get up and represent your chapter! Some examples may include (but are not limited to): A dance, a school song, architecture-related jokes, trivia, and anything else that will introduce us all to your chapter.