September 25, 2018

The AIAS website hosts several financial documents that could prove useful for chapter leaders at various times during the year. In previous posts, we’ve highlighted tools such as Financial & Insurance Resources at your Fingertips and Micro To Macro: Fundraising Tips Of All Sizes.

Today, we’re sharing the Fundraising Datalog, created by the 2017-2018 Finance Committee.

But, what is a Fundraising Datalog?

Long story short, it’s an event budget report + timesheet.

More in depth, it’s where the hours it takes to put on a fundraising event are logged. It also logs a description of the fundraising events, their expenses, and income. From this data, the profit of each event is automatically calculated and cross-referenced it with the volunteer hours of the event.

Overall, a Fundraising Datalog is an all-in-one spreadsheet to determine the most time efficient events that generate the most profit. It’s suggested to be utilized as a Google Spreadsheet document for simultaneous data logging by all fundraising team members.

The ultimate goal of this datalog is to help your chapters succeed. We believe a way to achieve this is by utilizing our collective knowledge and pinpointing the most efficient fundraising events your chapters hold.

Read more information on the Fundraising Datalog here.
Access the Datalog here.

If you have any questions about this document, please email the AIAS National Treasurer and Vice President at