June 4, 2020

The safety of our members and partners is important to us! That is why we have made the decision to move this year’s AIAS Grassroots Leadership Conference to a virtual format. But that doesn’t mean that Roll Call is going away. Have you ever wanted to be one of the chapters that makes an awesome video for Roll Call? Well now’s your chance! If videos aren’t your forte, a fun photoshop photo, meme, or gif works too. There are a lot of easy to use online gif makers out there. No matter what your chapter decides to do, make sure to have fun! 


•  The video should be no longer than 60 seconds. 

•. Name your image or video file with the following format: QUAD_SCHOOL_Roll Call


        ○  MWQ_Kent_Roll Call.mp4
        ○  NEQ_Roger Williams_Roll Call.png
        ○  SQ_OK State_Roll Call.jpeg
        ○  WQ_Washington State_Roll Call.mov
        ○  INT_Kuwait University_Roll Call.gif

•  You need to email your image or video file to mailbox@aias.org from your official @aias.org chapter email. 

•  Make sure the subject line is Grassroots 2020 Virtual Roll Call

•  If your file is too large and gets uploaded to google drive, be sure to change the sharing settings so we can download it!

•  The deadline to submit: Monday, July 20th, 2020 11:59pm Hawaii Time. We need time to assemble the roll call videos – please be respectful of this. 

•  Keep things PG-13 (We might want to upload the roll videos to Youtube in the future)

Roll Call Schedule

Remember to stay tuned after the leadership sessions to see who’s attending Grassroots! Here’s when your chapter’s roll call will be shown:

  • July 28 – Midwest Quad
  • July 29 – Northeast Quad
  • July 30 – South Quad
  • July 31 – West Quad + International

If you have any questions about how roll call is going to work, please email vicepresident@aias.org. Now go make some awesome roll calls!