July 30, 2021


In this tutorial you will learn the basics of creating a section perspective drawing. We will cover everything from how you might want to use a section perspective instead of a section, to how to set up your model to create the drawing, to adjusting line weights. We will be showing you workflows for both Trimble SketchUp and McNeel’s Rhino modeling softwares and basics in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. There are many different ways to produce a section perspective and while you might not follow the exact same process as us, we have found that these simple workflows have worked well for us.

What you’ll need:
Modeling Software:
– Rhinoceros 3D
– Sketchup
Post Processing Software:
– Adobe Photoshop
– Adobe Illustrator


Introduction: Section or Section Perspective?

Preparing Your Model

Model Work: SketchUp

Model Work: Rhino


Post-processing: Adobe Photoshop

Post-Processing: Adobe Illustrator