January 13, 2016

It’s a new year and we (and others!) want to hear from you! Take a look at four different survey opportunities to provide your feedback and insight.  

Quad Conference Survey tinyurl.com/AIASQuad

The National AIAS Quad Conference Task Force is looking for feedback on your Quad Conference experience so we can make the future of Quad Conferences a success. Provide feedback on this short survey for a chance to win a $15 Starbucks gift card. Please share with your chapter and friends!

International Task Force Survey – Calling All International AIAS Members

The AIAS has a task force analyzing international membership and its value. The mission of this team is to get a grasp of what intrigue international students find in an American organization and what ways they could potentially be served better. While the AIAS is technically global, we are not satisfied with the benefits our international membership has available to them at this time as they cannot reasonably attend conferences and are not a part of the four quadrant divisions. To break these barriers down, the task force has developed a very short survey targeted towards international chapter members to better understand the dynamic of this typology of chapters.

This is incredibly important to the development of the AIAS in the next decade, so if this applies to you, please take a moment to fill it out.

Millennials in Architecture

The architectural academy and profession has paid little attention to the emerging Millennial generation until recently. In the last few years, analysts and the media have predicted “drastic changes to pedagogy, licensure and firm management,” all necessary to absorb the generation’s impact on the field, but also to avert the disruptions affecting other professions and industries that Millennial’s have helped precipitate.

Take five minutes to participate in the poll on generational characteristics and how millennials have already made some trends evident in practice and teaching. We are looking for the attitudes of a broad cross section of the profession so please answer if you are a millennial or not!

This poll is part of a larger project that has been undertaken by Darius Sollohub, AIA, Associate Professor of Architecture at NJIT.  We will be following the poll with a presentation and panel discussion of the results on Friday, January 22nd at the Center for Architecture. President Danielle Mitchell will be representing the AIAS in this panel discussion and you are encouraged to attend and contribute.

Equity by Design 

The AIA SF Committee – Equity by Design is preparing for the 2016 Equity in Architecture Survey. Similar to the 2014 research study “The Missing 32% Project” this survey will have approximately 80 questions on the professional experiences, backgrounds, and aspirations of approximately 3,000 to 5,000 men and women who have graduated from Architecture schools and in the United States. As the largest and most comprehensive study launched nationally to date on this topic, this research project has the potential to impact architectural practice nationwide and establish a legacy data set over subsequent years studies. Visit the link above to register your interest and support in the Equity in Architecture Survey 2016.