July 28, 2020

This week on I Want to Work In (#iwtwi), we are featuring the top five places to eat, sleep, work, play, and study in Kansas City. This list will help you familiarize yourself with the city being featured in case you are interested in living and working there in the future!



  1. Downtown/Power and Light District – For those who want to be in the middle of the urban renaissance or want to live in a newly renovated art deco skyscraper, Downtown has plenty of options.
  2. Westside – Eclectic mix of small-town shops and eateries, historic mansions, and funky contemporary townhouses, all just minutes from downtown.
  3. Brookside – Quintessential Kansas City, this 1920’s English Village-style neighborhood is dripping with charm.
  4. River Market – It is what it says it is: by the river, and there is a big outdoor market at the center. For those seeking a more college-vibe.
  5. Crossroads Arts District – Once vacant warehouses are now thriving with design-based businesses, new apartments, and of course the world-famous Kaufman Center for the Performing Arts


  1. Town Topic – When only a greasy cheeseburger will do
  2. Farina – When you can afford a little extra for James Beard award winning Italian food….
  3. Bella Napoli – …and when you want Italian food like Nana used to make it in the old country
  4. Westside Local – Go-to for all work team lunches
  5. Jack Stack Barbecue – Everyone has a favorite KC BBQ spot. This is ours!


  1. National World War 1 Museum and Memorial Lawn – great museum full of meaningful remembrances with a giant lawn on a hill overlooking all of Downtown. Most picturesque spot in the city.
  2. Nelson Atkins Museum – With artifacts spanning over 5,000 years of human artistic endeavors, a massive outdoor sculpture garden, and the world’s largest shuttlecock, the Nelson Atkins is THE go-to destination in KC. Plus it is free!
  3. City Market – indoor/outdoor farmer’s market that is open year-round. On weekends it doubles as the perfect antique shopping destination.
  4. Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts – Another architectural icon of KC, home to the Kansas City Symphony Orchestra and Ballet.
  5. Union Station – this former grand train station now hosts Science City, an interactive science-themed exhibit and planetarium, along with touring exhibitions featuring everything from dinosaurs to Genghis Khan.


  1. Messenger Coffee – We would recommend this coffee even if they weren’t our office’s next-door neighbor. Grab a loaf of fresh bread from Ibis Bakery while you are at it!
  2. Thou Mayest – like your favorite local bar, except they serve coffee.
  3. Central Library – Featuring the most unique library façade in America, the Giant Bookshelf!
  4. Vested Coffee Shop – Located in the Garment District. Aside from the fantastic name pun, this is a great place to saddle up with a cupper and a good book.
  5. Roasterie – the Starbucks of KC, there is usually a location within a 5-minute walk, but thankfully without the burnt-coffee taste.


  1. Boulevard Brewing Company Tours and Recreation Center – For those who like beer and are interested in how it is made.
  2. BarK – Want to eat and drink with your pets and other pet lovers? Then this is the place for you!
  3. Knuckleheads – Add some live music to your socialization.
  4. KC Live! at the Power & Light District – Outdoor courtyard surrounded by restaurants with a full-concert stage. Regularly show Chiefs and Royals games on a giant screen too!
  5. Extra Virgin – A quieter, more sophisticated socialization scene. Recommended highly by our principals.

This month, ‘I Want to Work In’ is sponsored by PPI, A Kaplan Company, the Preferred ARE Prep Provider of the AIAS.

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