June 15, 2020

Last week we invited you to join us on Instagram for a firm tour of SPACE Architects to get a feel for what it’s like to work in a firm in St. Louis. This week on I Want to Work In (#iwtwi), we are featuring the top five places to eat, sleep, work, play, and study in St. Louis. This list will help you familiarize yourself with the city being featured in case you are interested in living and working there in the future!



1. Central West End – Essentially the geographic center of the city – on the eastern border of Forest Park. Solid mix of mid-rise apartment buildings and “single-family homes turned duplex rentals.” Great mix of residential, business, and restaurants/bars.

2. Tower Grove – This can include a number of “sub neighborhoods” that surround the South and East areas of Tower Grove Park. A high density of residential properties mixed with hidden gems of restaurants and dive bars can be found all over these neighborhoods.

3. Fox Park – One of the smaller neighborhoods in St. Louis, Fox Park has become a favorite of mine via the numerous friends who have decided to make it their homes. While primarily low-rise residential, it is packed with stunning 2-3 story brick homes from the early 1900s. Also home to a couple of the best new dining establishments in the city.

4. Soulard – St. Louis’s French/Creole influences shine in this historic neighborhood, packed with red brick row houses from the late 1800s. Located on the East edge of the city, just below downtown, this is where you’ll find a generally younger crowd buzzing around on golf carts with a Bud Light in hand. There is no lack of fun to be had down there.

5. Webster Groves – If you want to be outside the city, but not quite in the suburbs, while still having the feel of the city neighborhoods, this is a booming spot full of great amenities and beautiful little homes.


1. SPACE – Not biased at all…

2. Trivers

3. Christner Inc.

4. Cannon Design

5. HOK



1. Little Fox – Eclectic and amazing in every way. Everything is delicious. Upscale neighborhood food with Spanish/Italian influences.

2. Mission Taco Joint – This got me through grad school, and I’m very particular about my margaritas.

3. Juniper – Best fried chicken in the city, done classier than most.

4. Olio – Mediterranean like you’ve never had before. Get the hummus with braised lamb – served with their fresh pita.

5. Union Loafers – Best pizza in the city, no contest.


1. Forest Park – Twice the size of Central Park, this contains endless walking/biking trails, the St. Louis Art Museum (free), the St. Louis Zoo (free), St. Louis History Museum (free), and dozens of other amenities.

2. Soulard – This has long been my favorite place to go hang out on the weekends. Start Saturday morning with a trip to the historic farmers market and then just stick around to walk up and down the brick sidewalks to feel like you’re right back in old world St. Louis.

3. City Museum – Imagine a mad genius industrial artist got a hold of an abandoned building downtown and wanted to screw with people who are claustrophobic and/or afraid of heights… Just google it…

4. Brewery hopping – Start with a free tour of Anheuser-Busch and then take your pick of any of the dozens of other breweries in town. My favorites: Rockwell, Earthbound, Urban Chestnut, and 4 Hands.

5. Hike – One thing that drove me crazy while living in Chicago was that if I wanted to really get some fresh air, it was at least an hour and a half endeavor to get to somewhere worth hiking. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the urban and suburban fabric of this city dissolves into beautiful arenas of limestone cliffs and valleys of oak trees just a matter of 20-30 minutes from the city center.


1. Northwest Coffee Roasters – They have coffee.

2. Kaldi’s Coffee – They have coffee.

3. The High Low / Blueprint Coffee – They have coffee.

4. Rise Coffee – They have coffee, and the best breakfast sandwich ever.

5. Deer Creek Coffee – They have coffee, but no deer.


1. ITAP – Want to try 40 different beers on tap and bring your dog with you? Go here.

2. Ballpark Village – If you get along best with sports fanatics, head here on a day when the Blues or Cardinals are playing.

3. Bulrush – Prefer a classier venue with amazing cocktails and creative fare? Go here instead.

4. Small Change – The cocktail bar for people who make cocktails, in the least pretentious setting possible.

5. Urban Chestnut Brewing – Set up like a classic beer hall, this communal vibe forces you to share the table with new people.


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