Each month, the AIAS highlights the outstanding dedication and accomplishments of one of its members. The Chapter Leader of the Month can be a Chapter President or any member who has shown tremendous leadership.



Nikki Hall is a recent graduate from the University of Arizona with aBachelor of Architecture. She was involved in her school’s AIAS chapter throughout all five years of architecture school and served as the Chapter President during her fifth year.

“My interests for our chapter were always in the professional development events for students: the portfolio workshops, the chapter meetings, the faculty-student mixers,” said Nikki. “I wanted to show students how important it is to get involved and meet people, and how you could become a better designer/person through getting involved and meeting people!”

The chapter has 85 paid members and Queston Kwolek, the chapter’s outgoing Freedom by Design Director, said Nikki has been the catalyst for the chapter’s growth and forward thinking. “Her advocacy for community engagement and professional development has inspired our members to organize and engage in events that improve their skills and ability to network.”

Queston described Nikki as a mature and responsible leader. “Nikki follows through on everything she puts her mind to, and knows when to step back and allocate a task to another board member. Her support of Freedom by Design and strong relationship with the AIA have helped to improve our chapter’s presence in the local Tucson community.”

West Quad Director Ashley Kopetzky said Nikki sets an example at her chapter by being a leader and “showing healthy practices of teamwork and elegance for why they have the ability to get so much done: through the belief that nothing can be truly accomplished without a community of leaders together.”

Nikki is spending the summer travelling around Japan, aims to become a licensed architect and would like to live and work in San Francisco.

You can nominate an outstanding AIAS member for Chapter Leader of the Month at www.aias.org/nominatechapterleader.