March 10, 2020

The Learning & Technology Task Force would like to present the AIAS Technology Resource Drive! Click HERE to check it out.

How the drive works:

This resource can be accessed by all AIAS members and currently includes new member entourage and the Digital Workflow Interactive PDF. All you have to do is go to the AIAS Technology Resource Drive and choose the files you would like to download.

What we created:

While at FORUM Toronto, our committee members set up a booth to photograph conference attendees in different poses. We took these photographs and turned them into PNG entourage. The PNGs also have a matching silhouette option to suit your rendering style.

How to contribute:

Step 1: Email your original photographs that you would like to see used as PNG entourage to the Learning & Technology Task Force Committee Chair, Hala Alfalih, at Make sure the background is clear and contrasts with what you are wearing.

Step 2: Committee members will sort through the images and turn them into PNG entourage.

Step 3: The files will be categorized, named and uploaded to the AIAS Technology Resource Drive.

Step 4: We’ll send you an email to let you know the files are ready so you can start using them in your projects and sharing them with all your friends!

What’s next:

Keep a lookout for our Resource Guides coming out soon so you can learn skills like how to make PNG entourage yourself! We look forward to seeing how the AIAS Technology Resource Drive can be further used to help our members!