October 13, 2023

Ashwin Raman

Bachelor’s in Architecture

No chapter

Why’d you join AIAS?
I am glad I did, it’s a turn breaker platform for all the architecture students out there as its been very students oriented and try to meet up the beneficial parts to help us grow and evolve into the professional industry and I am happy to see that we have started to build that bridge we all have dreamt off and it’s finally happening!


What national event or programming do like the most?
I am sorry, I haven’t been to any national event as I live in India, but I could still get the vibes of it through Instagram that my friends were posting and storying it. It was just amazing ????

How has joining AIAS benefitted you?
Well, where do I start? I joined AIAS to understand the situations that architecture students go through, is it the same everywhere? Yes!
And are we making any progress or working on the matters that actually mattered? Recognition, hear to your thoughts, your ideas, connecting, networking, and much more, I feel like I existed to make things be heard and see them happen.

How has AIAS impacted your school?
LOL, my school refused to have a chapter but I did try to convince the board, I tried and did my best they just couldn’t see the big picture.

What inspires you in studio?
Design and details of designing and the way it works its mysterious way to form its way into this amazing world as a root of life being an inspiration to so many lives.

How are you going to use your architectural skills/knowledge outside of the classroom?
I like this question, I have always learnt and absorbed more skills from outside the classroom because architecture is an experience and you cannot master experience or skills required for this field sitting in a classroom.

If you were an architectural style which would you be?
I like to create my own style, because the world needs change every minute and seconds of it, No offense tot the styles that exist because I lived and started my career upon them. Now I would like to create my own style, “Earthy Architectural Design Style”

What’s your hot take on the architecture industry?
We are evolving finally! And it’s amazing to know that you can see the future of it, the visionary of the world ???? that every creator imagined will see the light of day.