October 15, 2014

October 15th, 2014

Vice President Obi Okolo has a favorite Twitter hashtag: #nomoreneutral. For an organization like the AIAS, I think it’s a powerful unifying concept. The AIAS is a community. A community with a voice driven by ideas, thoughts, perspective, preferences, and opinions. At the national office, it’s our job to find out what these are and help spread the word.

One of the best ways to communicate your chapter’s piece of the AIAS voice is to submit an idea to CRIT, the Journal of the AIAS. CRIT represents arguably the most prominent and timeless soapbox the organization has for its members. If there is a controversial topic happening on your campus that you’d like to take a stand on, let us know. If you see something developing nationally in the profession that concerns you, let us know. If you have identified an opportunity for the organization internationally that nobody else has picked up on, let us know. Use the national office and its tools, like CRIT, as the megaphone for your chapter.

When CRIT is published later this fall, we hope it showcases a strong AIAS voice on topics of relevance and importance in architecture education and practice today. A voice that takes a position. A voice that speaks no more neutral.

– Nick Serfass