Each month, the AIAS highlights the outstanding dedication and accomplishments of one of its members. The Chapter Leader of the Month can be a Chapter President or any member who has shown tremendous leadership.



Mia Karim is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Architecture at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik. She also recently earned certificates in jewelry design and project management. In 2020-2021, she was the social media manager at her chapter and served on the membership
committee. In 2021-2022, she was the vice president of the chapter and served on the
Technology and Sustainability Task Force. Mia currently serves as the AIAS USEK Chapter 11 President and will also be serving on the Council of Global Representatives Committee.

“Being part of The AIAS Family is one of the best experiences I have ever had. This membershiphelped me discover many ways to impact our community. It gave me the opportunity to interactand share my ideas with amazing people as well as having the opportunity to work with anincredible team who have helped me achieve incredible results.”

When speaking about her team, Mia says, “Along with brilliant board members, we took action and accomplished many projects: First, we held study and chill sessions; where we all gather and work concurrently while encouraging one another. These group- work are extremely inspiring and enriching. Secondly, we organized a lot of AIAS Talks, which allow us to build lasting relationships with instructors, architects, and experts while learning from the best in the field. Thirdly, we had regular seminars and workshops with various professionals to
encourage sustainable and innovative designs that are highly inspirational and also helped us in the projects we work on in the studio. Last but not least,we went to museums, galleries, exhibitions and archaeological sites to improve our culture and knowledge on numerous levels.
Our goal this year is to re-connect, rebuild and reunite. To strengthen links between all AIAS
members and make our chapter a home for each member while also empowering the
architectural community even more by taking action and accomplishing new events and

Mia’s nominator Elissa Attieh says, “Mia is a motivated and determinate person that is working hard for the success of AIAS Chapter 11 of this year while taking into consideration the success of the one after it as well. She’s passionate and putting lots of effort in everything she’s doing. Moreover, she has shown professionalism and responsibility in many situations. I think she humbly deserves to be AIAS Chapter Leader of the Month.”



Mia’s chosen Benjamin Moore color is “Conch Shell”. Mia wrote that her reason for choosing this color is, “I personally love neutral colors simply for its hue and associations. I’m not sure why, but this color makes me happy. It is linked to serenity and other positive things. I also really value the fact that it is trendy, aesthetically pleasing, and portrays a vintage sunset.”


This ‘Chapter Leader of the Month’ feature is sponsored by the Benjamin Moore.