February 9, 2017

nada-almullaName: Nada AlMulla

School: American University of Sharjah

Degree Program: Bachelors of Architecture

Year in School: Fifth year



Give one tip that has helped you succeed in studio:

Believe in your capabilities and design to please yourself, not others.


What motivates you to work hard in studio:

Thinking of the future of architecture and our role in it.


What aspect of your studio experience do you think will help you get a job?

The diverse knowledge of digital software as well as craftsmanship.


What can professors do to create a helpful and supportive studio culture?

Recognize the different qualities of students and work with them to develop.


What should a high school student understand about studio at my university:

It is not easy, it is time consuming, but if you love what you’re doing then the first two won’t



What can AIAS do to help improve your studio experience:

Provide opportunities for students from different years to socialize and exchange knowledge.


What would be in your ideal studio care package:

An Alienware and it’s charger, black uni-ball pens with different thicknesses, a moleskine and

some pencils.


Complete this sentence: I love studio because:

It allows me to imagine worlds and put them onto paper.