February 17, 2017



“One thing I learned from working is to really appreciate the community you are in!” – Cameron Kayne


  • Sarah Wahlgren, 2016-2017 National President, Moderator
  • Jeremy Gentile, 2016-2017 Midwest Quadrant Director
  • Cameron Kayne, Georgia institute of Technology, Member of 2016-2017 Advocacy Task Force
  • Will Carlson, Illinois Institute of Technology, Member of 2016-2017 Advocacy Task Force
  • Maria Hurtado Ortiz, Pennsylvania State University, Chair of 2016-2017 Design Think Tank
  • Carolyn Crego, Drexel University
  • Kimberly Tuttle, Director of Leadership and Career Services

“[Classmates] are the ones that help build you up and help improve your project, bouncing ideas off of them, and seeing where they are at and where you should be really helps create a stronger project.” – Carolyn Crego

You create your own culture.

Our panelists all have current and previous work experience. Through the firm culture they have been exposed to, they spoke to how that has translated into their studio culture at school — aspects that they bring back to their peers, learning environments, and local communities.

Moderator, President Sarah Wahlgren, then lead the discussion to redefining what “studio culture” meant to the panelists, how their definition has changed or shifted with more professional mentorship, more on-site experience, and more work opportunities at small and large firms.

If you missed it, watch the panel on our Youtube Channel or watch the video below!

“The hardest thing to balance, originally, when I was in studio having not worked before then and freshman year was trying to eat well and develop healthy habits. …It was really just maintaining physical and mental health aside from getting the work done.” – Cameron Kayne