July 19, 2017

At a national level, the AIAS is addressing issues from the student perspective of equity and diversity in the profession, architectural education on a global platform, and constantly advocating for public access to good and inspiring design. Each year, we rely on the committees and task forces to keep the AIAS energetic and forward-looking.

This year’s committees are as follows:

FORUM 2017 Texas Volunteer
FORUM 2018 Pacific Northwest (Seattle) Committee
FORUM Site Selection Committee
NAAB Accreditation Team Student Representative
NCARB Student Licensing Advisor
AIAS Board of Directors (campaign and vote to occur at FORUM 2017)

National AIAS Committee or Task Force:
Membership Committee
Governance Committee
Finance Committee
Elections Committee
Advocacy Task Force
Freedom By Design Advisory Group
Design Task Force
Global Council

If you would like to help address these issues, let us know you’re interested in participating through the AIAS National Committee and Leadership Interest Form below. The deadline to submit is August 15, 2017.

For more information on the work that the national committees do, please visit our Governance page.