July 26, 2018

At a national level, the AIAS has continuously addressed a myriad of issues from the student perspective through our committees and task forces.  Over the past few months, there has been a resounding cry from architects and architecture students alike to take action and use our voices as well as our unique skills as designers and public servants to impact the communities around us.  This inspired the 2018-2019 Board of Directors to perform a thorough analysis of our 2017-2018 committees and task forces and brainstorm how they could be transformed to allow the organization to more profoundly tackle issues concerning architectural education on a global platform, the environment, resiliency, global crises, diversity and inclusion, financial volatility, student loans, professional practice, inadequate student research opportunities, equity in the workplace and the classroom, the relevance of design as a whole, and so much more.  Each year, we rely on the committees and task forces to keep the AIAS energetic and forward-looking, and we need you to help us accomplish this!

Through the advancement of leadership, design, and service, we firmly believe the AIAS is a productive and empowering catalyst for discourse, action, and change.  Through local and global member collaboration, we have and can continue to propel the field of architecture forward, while simultaneously advocating for the issues we find most pertinent.

This year’s committees and leadership opportunities are as follows:

FORUM 2018 Seattle Volunteer

FORUM 2019 Toronto Volunteer

NAAB Accreditation Team Student Representative

NCARB Student Licensing Advisor

AIA Component Student Director

AIAS Board of Directors (campaign and vote to occur at FORUM 2018)

National AIAS Standing Committees:

Membership Committee

Governance Committee

Finance Committee

Freedom By Design Advisory Committee

National AIAS Special Committees:

Health and Wellness Task Force

Equity and Diversity Task Force

Resiliency Task Force

Learning, Design, and Technology Task Force

Council of Global Representatives

If you would like to help address these issues, let us know you’re interested in participating through the AIAS National Committee and Leadership Interest Form below. The deadline to submit is August 5, 2018.