August 19, 2016

The AIAS Kuwait University chapter was officially launched in 2011. With the determination and dedication of a student that wanted to enhance and ease architecture school through educational means and activities, the Kuwait University chapter was put on the map. Through the experience and motivation gained from attending the Grassroots Conference, the Kuwait Chapter had a strong and fresh start to provide services to architectural students. From lectures to workshops, students are able to benefit from such services provided by AIAS.

Developing in a diverse culture, AIAS-KU celebrates both local and international events. The team is devoted to work together to make a difference, as Kuwait is rich in architecture, but not in architectural education. Through multiple exhibitions and public events hosted by AIAS-KU, the community is exposed to the world of architecture and design.

  • Model Making WorkshopTefaseel, which translates to “details” in Arabic, is an annual design exhibition that was created in 2015. It has become a
    platform for students, as well as architectural firms, to showcase their works through installations of furniture design, product design and art.
  • Other regular events include the Student-Faculty Forum, where a discussion is raised from the students to the faculty members on how to better the student’s academic experience.
  • During Tutorial Week, students that excel in particular fields of digital programs teach their peers skills to enhance their renders or diagrams.
  • Similar to that is the Model Making Workshops where students can learn the best and safest way to cut a specific model material as well as tips on how to achieve neat and clean models all together. These are some of the benefits that are provided by students to students.

AIAS-KU works to motivate fellow students to learn more about architecture and push them to their full potential by providing opportunities and guidance.