January 24, 2023

Welcome to the 2023 Midwest Quad Conference – “RE-imagine”!

As architects, imagination is the bedrock of our soul. Our innate longing is to envision a better built environment for our community and the entire world. Architecture has the power to impact everyone at a fundamental level: from the basic need for shelter to the emotional symphony of form. We learn from architects of the past to create beauty never before seen or experienced.

In a world of ever-changing variables such as population growth, diminishing resources, economic struggles, and health crises, we are entrusted with the responsibility of bringing hope to the world through our designs. As architects, we must decide how to move forward; we must inspire the world to continue to imagine and thrive.

How can we maintain the history of our home while embarking on a new chapter? How can new materials produce a new conception of structure and form? How can we re-define the use of a building so that it is utilized to its fullest? How can we protect the beauty of architectural design in a world that seeks pre-fabrication and ease? This is the power of re-imagination.

Re-imagine is a continuation of the AIAS mission to stabilize after the pandemic and encapsulates today’s essence of architecture within Milwaukee, Wisconsin. With the completion of the world’s tallest mass-timber building, the new design of the Milwaukee Public Museum which will break ground in 2023, and the city’s rich, multicultural history, Milwaukee exemplifies the way history can help the re-imagination of the future. Through firm and landmark visits, cultural experiences (and GOOD FOOD!), lectures, networking opportunities, and workshops, our UW-Milwaukee Team hopes to provide the Midwest with the resources to re-imagine their communities to improve the future!

Host School: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

If you have any questions, please email us at mailbox@aias.org!


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