June 21, 2017


The American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) is celebrating the 60th anniversary of student excellence in leadership, service, and design. In honor of our 60th year, the AIAS is excited to share 60th: Legacy, an ongoing weekly celebration of and thanks to our alumni sponsored by Professional Publications, Inc (PPI). PPI is a publisher of professional licensing exam materials since 1975 and wants to recognize those who have helped the AIAS achieve 60 years of success.


Jared Guilmett, Assoc. AIA


Misiaszek Turpin pllc.


Architectural Designer


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Jared Guilmett received his Masters of Architecture from Wentworth Institute of Technology in 2016. During his education, Jared was the President of the Wentworth chapter of the American Institute of Architecture Students, and led a team in hosting the organization’s national FORUM conference held in Boston in 2016. Today, Jared is a designer with the New Hampshire architecture firm, Misiaszek Turpin pllc., where he enjoys designing custom homes, restoring historic structures and developing commercial projects. Jared is an Associate member of the American Institute of Architects, and is on the path to licensure as a registered Architect. Recently, Jared was honored to speak at the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance’s annual conference where he presented on community engagement in the architecture process. He also hosted a presentation as part of the Laconia Historical and Museum Society’s lecture series, focusing on restoring identity to derelict mill towns. Alongside his passion for architecture and historic preservation, Jared has a strong dedication to volunteerism and community involvement, holding positions on the Board of Directors of the Belknap Mill Society and Celebrate Laconia.

What and/or who shaped you into who you are and what you do today?

I firmly believe that the life one lives, the environment which one calls home, and the people that populate one’s life have deep-rooted influence on one’s personal outlook on life. Without my family, I would be lost. It was with them that I learned how to love and how to live. My grandfather once told me something that has remained with me ever since – “See the beauty of the world around you, too many people live life looking down.” This motivates me to go into everything I do with a positive outlook and never let dark skies dictate my story.

How can someone best change the world?

The idea of changing the world is a notion of gargantuan proportions that affect many of us. With it often come elaborate plans, rash decisions, and even the disregard to one’s morals, resulting in ineffective efforts to provide something profound for the rest of humanity. It is my belief that the most effective way to change the world, is to resolutely follow your passions, surround yourself with support and enthusiasm, and to never give up on your goals or yourself. A single concept can shape a building, so why can’t a single concept positively affect the face of our world?

How can someone be a better designer?

Be a human. Observe, experience, question, listen, live. A design affects a multitude of people; the designer, the inhabitant, the neighbor, the passersby, and the community. A design alters the face of our society, bringing forth something where nothing had previously existed or changing the social interaction of a place from what it once was. It is up to us, as designers, to constantly embody that which we are doing and affecting; build relationships with clients to further tether them to the design, and integrate the site and social climate into the heart of the design.

How do you define work-life balance and how is it achievable?

Work-life balance is a personal philosophy that is constantly changing and is fully dependent on one’s happiness in life. This balance of work and personal life involves time management skills and prioritization that allows you to effectively complete professional tasks and personal tasks without destroying the integrity of either. To successfully achieve a strong work-life balance, personal reflection and contemplation is necessary to understand one’s professional passions and one’s personal passions.

What is a decision or action you made in school that influenced your trajectory?

My life was forever changed when I made the decision to become involved in Wentworth’s chapter of AIAS. At that time, I couldn’t tell you what my passions were in architecture or why I had fully decided to pursue an architectural education. Growing in leadership, I was soon elected as the chapter’s president and then later chaired AIAS FORUM 2016: Revolution. This involvement gave me a new perspective of architecture, and I began to realize the true value of my education. Through this combined experience, I found an internal vigor that gave me strength and inspiration to discover my architectural and life passions – which I see as one in the same.

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