The AIAS and American Galvanizers Association (AGA) are looking for members to share their sketches/renderings/models to showcase the use of galvanized steel in a unique way! This competition is open to all years and skill sets – show us what you’ve got!

This competition asks students to research the design and fabrication properties of hot-dip galvanizing and then sketch/model a sculpture, building façade, parking garage, outdoor recreation/entertainment structure, etc. that could be physically built out of hot-dip galvanized steel. Feel free to also use projects that you’ve worked on in class and find a way to include hot-dip galvanizing into those assignments.

Submissions will be judged on constructability, design, and ingenuity.

Looking for some examples and inspiration? Check out “Topeka Children’s Discovery Center” and other examples you can find in the AGA’s Project Gallery and in the section below.







How to Enter

  1. Share your sketches/renderings/models on your Instagram account between May 18 to October 15, 2022, to enter the competition
  2. Tell us (in 1-2 sentences) how your sketch/rendering/model is utilizing galvanized steel (or how it is taking advantage of hot-dip galvanized steel’s benefits)
  3. Tag the AIAS National Office and AGA on Instagram – @aiasorg @agagalvanizeit
  4. Follow the AIAS National Office and AGA on Instagram – @aiasorg @agagalvanizeit
  5. Use the following hashtags: #AIASInStudio#InStudioMade and #galvanizeit

The top submissions will be promoted bi-weekly on the AIAS National Instagram account.

Three winners will be selected and may have their project(s) physically built at the AGA’s discretion.

*Note: You must be an active AIAS member to participate*
**You must have a public Instagram account to participate**
***There is no limit to the number of sketches and renderings you can submit, but please choose your best!***


The winning cash prizes are as follows:

1st Place: $500

2nd Place: $250

3rd Place: $100


You must have uploaded your sketches and renderings to Instagram by 11:59 pm on Saturday, October 15 , 2022.

Please Note: Acknowledging the collaborative tendency of architecture studios in academic settings, In Studio Competitions are open to both individual work as well as group work. If an AIAS member chooses to submit a project, image, model, or sketch to any of the AIAS InStudio Competitions that was the product of more than one individual, it is important that all participants are aware of the submission and that their names are included in the associated description. Prior to submission, all individuals that contributed to the work being entered must come to a consensus regarding the allocation of the potential prize funds. Ideally, group submissions would donate their winning funds to their AIAS Chapter or split the funds equally. If an entry is chosen as a competition winner, the prize funds will be issued to the individual that submitted said work to distribute in accordance with their pre-determined distribution plan.

Need Inspiration? View the 2018 Winner

Watch the video below for a feature on the 2018 winner, Georgia Institute of Technology.

Want to learn more about hot-dip galvanized steel? Visit the AGA website’s campus page to learn other ways you can get involved or reach out to us to book a plant tour.


Design + Fabrication Resources

Examples: Artistic & Sculptural

Examples: Building Elements & Parking Structures

Examples: Recreation & Entertainment