AIAS Grassroots Leadership Conference


July 23 – Jul 25, 2021

The safety of our members and partners is important to us! This year’s AIAS Grassroots Leadership Conference will be held in a virtual format. Join us on the web for three days of chapter leadership, business leadership, community involvement and innovation content. Learn from CEOs, founders, government officials and professionals, as well as our very own talented members and elected Officers and Quad Directors!

EVOLVE- The world has radically changed in many ways in a short period of time. The life of our organization and the lives of our members have changed forever. As the next generation of professionals, growth is not just important – it is essential. We must constantly move forward, looking not to return to normalcy, but to find a new normal together. On our journey we will break through barriers and build lasting bridges that will carry us into a future we want to live in. Let’s set the precedent for our AIAS by dedicating ourselves to a lifelong process of learning.  We will compare ourselves not to others, but to who we were yesterday, strive for progress, not perfection, and we will EVOLVE.



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