April 21, 2017

Harnessing your architecture skills to give back and enrich your community is a powerful opportunity all architects should embrace. That is what the AIAS program Freedom By Design (FBD) is all about. With the program you can gain real world experience of working with a client, mentorship from local architects, and an awareness get of the powerful impact that practical solutions in architecture can offer.

This year attend the AIAS Grassroots Leadership Conference and check out the FBD track to help revitalize your chapter’s program or jump start one at your school! Check out some of the nuggets the track will provide below.  

The History of FBD

This session will brief all participants on the history of the program. It will give a background on how the program came into being and where it has gone from then on. How the mission and vision of freedom by design has expanded from design built to design think. The session will also showcase some great program structure and the reasons for the success.

How, What, When, Why?

Most Freedom by Design Programs run on a tight timeline and work schedule. This session will focus on how to schedule your calendar, for what events and why to take the best practices to map out an efficient timeline to start with. The Freedom by Design Advisory Group will act as liaisons to all programs throughout the year and with help them plan their year and offer general advice. The importance of project binders and their relationship to planning will also be highlighted.

Let’s Play!

The best way to master something is to practice! This session will be an interactive session in which we will play two games. The first hour will be dedicated to a question, answer session. Following the question, answer participants will be divided into teams to mimic a Freedom by Design Board, each team will be tasked to finish a project following all rules and regulations an actual program has to. First to finish wins!

Combined FBD and Leadership Tracks

The FBD and Leadership Tracks will be converging for two sessions: one on leadership excellence and another on finance and event planning. Make sure you have the right tools and skills to take your chapter and your FBD program to the next level!


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