May 1, 2017


The driving force of the AIAS is the growing membership of students emerging as leaders, change-makers, and successful, passionate designers.

The AIAS Grassroots Leadership Conference is the only time where over 300 leaders gather to create a collective vision. It’s the beginning of endless growth, confidence, mentors and value. So, what’s stopping you?

Working with the Collaterals

Join us as we engage with theleaders of our allied architectural organizations from American Institute of Architects (AIA), National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB), Association for Collegiate Schools of Architecture  (ACSA), and us — AIAS — as we bring awareness to our individual efforts and form lasting local collaborations to advance education, service, and the profession.

Leadership Excellence

What does it mean to manage a chapter, to work well as a team, and to be a leader? Join us as we delve into leadership beyond the role, but leading as an action.

Finance, Fundraising, and Events

How do you sustain a chapter in constant flux when it comes to finance? What are best practices when it comes to running and benefiting from successful events? Learn how other chapters sustain thriving studio culture and how you can add more value at a local level.

Membership Recruitment and Value

Learn about what membership value means and how to convey it to architecture students. How does the AIAS enhance architecture education? And how can your local chapter be the resource for your members?

Starting Your Path as a Citizen Architect

Interested in becoming a leader and learning how architects become leaders and key influencers in their companies and communities?  Join us for this workshop with guest speakers from the AIA Center for Civic Leadership (CCL) and Leadership Institute who will teach you how to form a path of leadership and civic engagement opportunities in your career.  Each participant of this workshop will receive a copy of the newest version of the AIA Living Your Life as a Leader workbook that includes a “Creating Your Leadership Plan” guide to get started on designing your individual leadership road map. Come ready to engage and think about what impact you want to make on the world.

Speakers include newly-elected AIA Fellow Michael Ayles and (Ryan or Jon), along with former AIAS President and AIA Center for Civic Leadership Chair Je’Nen Chastain.

Council of Presidents’ Meeting

Comprised of one delegate from every chapter, the Council of Presidents (COP) will convene at Grassroots to provide input to the Board and guide the activities of the organization.

This is one of two annual official business meetings of the COP. All Chapter Presidents must be in attendance, and we invite all observers to witness this inspiring group determine the direction of the organization.


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