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UCLA A.UD is the No.6 graduate program in the US for 2018 by Design Intelligence. Our undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programs are taught by outstanding faculty who have shaped their respective courses to address the state of architecture today, its rich and diverse history, its technical and technological concerns and its possible futures. A.UD is committed to architecture as a research endeavor, producing new scholarship, opportunities for innovative professional practice and thought-provoking design inquiry.

The mission of the Department of Architecture is to prepare graduates to enter the professional practice of architecture or interior design and to serve the Memphis and Mid-South region through research, engaged scholarship, interdisciplinary collaboration, and creative expression that contributes to sustainable, stable communities and enhances the quality of life for all citizens.

The mission of the School of Architecture and Engineering Technology, is to provide an enlightened and enriched academic, intellectual, moral, cultural, ethical, technological, and student-centered environment, conducive to the development of highly qualified individuals who are prepared and capable of serving as leaders and contributors within the fields of Architecture and Engineering Technology in an ever-evolving society.

UDC’s Architecture program stresses the importance of design as a tool for creating sustainable urban environments through research-based academic collaboration with partners in the health professions, nutrition science, environmental studies, water resource management, agriculture and Cooperation Extension Services. The program resides in the only urban land-grant institution in the nation.

Woodbury School of Architecture is distinguished by its multiple locations at the heart of the Southern California creative industries. Our undergraduate and graduate programs in Los Angeles and San Diego prepare students to effect positive change in the built environment, to tackle theoretical debates, and to take on architecture, interior architecture and landscape architecture as critical practices.

At the Illinois School of Architecture, we provide students with an aesthetically motivated and technically rigorous design-based education. The comprehensive and flexible core curricula of the school‘s graduate degree programs enable students to develop a specialised professional or academic focus in one of the program areas. Visit us at to learn more.

California College of the Arts educates students to shape culture and society through the practice and critical study of art, architecture, design, and writing. Benefitting from its San Francisco Bay Area location, the college prepares students for lifelong creative work by cultivating innovation, community engagement, and social and environmental responsibility.

The BAC is the largest independent college of spatial design in New England. Architecture and design is all we do, so the people who come to study, teach, and work here are crazy about design. All of our professional degrees are accredited so you can earn your architectural licensure or interior design certification after graduation.

Tyler Architecture & Environmental Design offers undergraduate degrees in Architecture, Architectural Preservation, Community Development, Facilities Management (accredited), Horticulture and Landscape Architecture (accredited). Accredited graduate degrees are offered in Architecture, City & Regional Planning, and Landscape Architecture. Visit us at


The University of Minnesota School of Architecture is invested in design grounded in critical representation and social engagement. These grow from the strong reputation of the school as a place where students learn how to beautifully draw and build, and from the state of Minnesota’s history of social progressiveness and humanitarianism.

The mission of the Tulane School of Architecture is to prepare students for leadership positions in the design professions and in their communities. This school aspires to provide the highest quality professional education in architecture, to develop and conserve knowledge, and to promote excellence and innovation in architecture, landscape urbanism, preservation, and urban and environmental design and development.

As CAPLA expands the influence and scope of the design and planning professional through an engaged process of making, risk-taking, and knowledge-building in support of a resilient and thriving natural and built environment. CAPLA is dedicated to nurturing and teaching design and planning methodologies grounded in responsible and sustainable real-world problem-solving with the potential to energize, improve, and inspire.

Our mission within the School of Architecture and Design is to provide a design–and technology–based 21st-century professional education that enables leadership in the profession and within the community. We’ve identified three core values, or educational aspirations, to guide our approach: Design Intelligence, Building Technology, and Leadership.

What do you value? This question burns with the midnight oil in the School of Architecture at Georgia Tech. Architecture is a complex equation of needs and desires, of balancing private interests with the public good. In every project and program, we challenge ourselves to account for the value of architecture, measured through design performance, in social, economic, environmental, and cultural terms.

The College of Architecture and Environmental Design at Kent State is dedicated to developing responsible professionals committed to improving the quality of life, enhancing the physical environment, and protecting the public welfare through the design of the built environment.

The College of Architecture and the Built Environment at PhilaU is dedicated to excellence in design with a focus on educating students for practice in the global market. Each of our programs emphasizes sustainable practice, collaboration, and innovation. We are committed to ensuring that our graduates become–and remain–stewards of the natural and built environments.

The mission of the architecture program is to investigate critically the architectural systems and social forces that define sustainable built environments both locally and globally, while honoring cultural identities through teaching, research and practice.

Envision. Imagine. Collaborate. Plan. Design. Build. They’re words that capture what our students have been learning to do for more than 100 years. Our mission is to provide our graduates with an educational foundation for exemplary professional practice and personal career fulfillment; to prepare them to be critical thinkers and problem solvers who will serve, enrich, and sustain their professions and communities.

The Department of Architecture is a diverse community of practitioners, teachers, and students dedicated to educating future architectural professionals and growing the knowledge base of the profession. Our commitment is to engage architecture in its civic, social, and professional realms for the ultimate benefit of the built environment and those who use it.

We teach design by asking questions: what is an object, a building, a space?—and by pursuing answers through a commitment to making and a dedication to experimental practice, interdisciplinary study, and community partnership.

At RPI we take pride in preparing our students to become future leaders in the profession. We aspire to create an environment and culture throughout the School that rewards the nobility of ideas, the roots of theoretical inquiry, and the merits of social responsibility.

The School of Architecture at NC State has been a force for globally-informed innovation in design. We live in a world of profound challenges, pushing the practice of architecture towards fundamental change. Our intent in the school is to lead the search for new ways an architectural education can be a strong, positive force in the creation of healthy and sustainable buildings and communities.

Located in the design district of downtown San Diego, NewSchool of Architecture & Design, is globally recognized and known for its forward-thinking professors, an inspiring campus community and top industry connections and collaboration opportunities. NewSchool students are innovative designers who are passionate about pursuing exciting careers in the fields of design, architecture, and digital arts.

Our mission within the School of Architecture and Design is to provide a design–and technology–based 21st-century professional education that enables leadership in the profession and within the community. We’ve identified three core values, or educational aspirations, to guide our approach: Design Intelligence, Building Technology, and Leadership.

The College of Architecture and Design is dedicated to a pedagogy of “theory and practice” – the original motto of Lawrence Technological University. We advocate not one or the other, but both, integrated and coherent.

Students at MSU’s School of Architecture learn how to design the spaces and structures where people live, work and play. The School of Architecture empowers students to critically engage with the complexities of society and the natural environment by instilling the fundamental principles of design and inspiring a spirit of exploration and creative experimentation in shaping the built environment.

The School of Architecture aims to be a premier producer of transformational architectural leadership, shaping the environment of the 21st century for a better future. The School of Architecture is an interconnected, geographically distributed community of teachers and learners, dedicated to educating future architects, generating knowledge, and advocating for the improvement of the built environment.

The mission of the School of Architecture is to provide intellectual, ethical, and innovative leadership in architecture and urban design through excellence in teaching, scholarly research, creative architectural practice, and community activism. Faculty and students are committed to creating an open-minded and creative atmosphere to pursue research, explore new forms of building, and discover collaborative practices that nurture human potential.

The School of Architecture, Art and Historic Preservation prepares students for leadership in professional practice, service and individual creative pursuits. We are committed to balance between creation and conservation, aesthetic and technical pursuits, national and international perspectives, individual exploration and community involvement, classroom and lifelong learning.

The mission of the Architecture Program is to pursue architecture as a professional discipline by combining the rigors of the academy with the realities of contemporary architectural practice. The program does this by providing a strong, broadly based curriculum in the arts, humanities, social sciences and the applied sciences coupled with professional courses taught by faculty who reflect the broad diversity of architectural practice today.

The Architecture program at Wentworth embraces the art of making. We are committed to the traditional role of the practitioner and master builder: to design and construct buildings that contribute to society and enrich people’s lives. To that end, the curriculum promotes research and design based on the linkages between conceptual frameworks and the tangible nature of architecture.

IIT Architecture Chicago focuses on a future of global urbanism, while remains true to our legacy as a place of meticulous thinking and making. Our faculty are international prize-winning architects, scholars, and engineers. As Chicago provides the inspiration and testing ground for students. Visit to learn more.

The School of Architecture & Design at LAU offers students a comprehensive education encouraging experimentation, critical thinking, and innovative practices. It aims at giving our graduates the ability to operate as effective team players and ethical designers working for the improvement of the community and its built environment – issues important in 21st-centuryarchitectural education.

The UT Architecture and Design fosters a spirit of curiosity that serves as a foundation for life-long learning and creative thinking. Whether it’s our world-acclaimed solar-powered house, top-ranked undergraduate architecture program, leading faculty scholars, design-build curriculum, or dynamic students, our volunteer spirit makes us unstoppable.