April 19, 2022

What is Leadership Day? 

We are excited to announce the second annual AIAS Leadership Day, taking place on Saturday, July 16th!

Leadership Day, which started in 2021, is very important to the start of the new school year for all AIAS members and chapters. This is the day that we spend time learning about all things AIAS, including how to run a chapter, how to become involved nationally in the AIAS and partnered organizations, the AIAS’s roles within your school, and more! Leadership Day, like all things AIAS, is completely student-run and focused on sharing best practices and methods not just for being a leader, but for being an active and effective member of the AIAS and the design community at large. Oh, also, Leadership Day is COMPLETELY FREE to all AIAS members! Leadership Day will be hosted by your incoming National President and Vice President, Cooper Moore and Nicole Bass!


*This is NOT registration for the in person Grassroots conference. If you have already registered for Grassroots, please register here as well to be included in all communications about the virtual Leadership Day.*

Below is a breakdown of the programming taking place at Leadership Day 2022:

General Session – AIAS 101

This session will teach you everything you need to know to start out your year with AIAS on the right foot – the structure of the organization, chapter bylaws, how to register students as AIAS members and how to register those members for conferences, how to run an event, chapter leadership roles, national involvement, and more! This will be a great deep-dive into all things AIAS to kick off our day!


These four training sessions focus on specific groups or roles, what they are, and how to perform them effectively!

NAAB Visiting Team Training
Did you know that every NAAB Visiting Team, which visit schools to verify their accreditation, needs a student representative? That could be you! This session will  discuss how to sign up for this great opportunity, what the accreditation process looks like, and how to serve as an effective student representative on a Visiting Team.

Licensing Advisor Training
Are you the person everyone comes to with questions of what to do next?  Do you love being the person ‘in the know?’  Is your anticipation to keep moving towards your license infectious? Do you wish you knew other people working towards their license? Do you wish you knew people who are already licensed who want to help others along the path? Are you energized by helping others? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should be an architect licensing advisor! 

Equip yourself to be the ‘go to advisor’ for your peers through this training session. Come expand your knowledge, your network, and your mentoring value to your chapter, your members and fellow students. The student licensing advisor position also includes networking and travel opportunities!

How To FBD
Is your chapter looking for a way to get more involved in your community? Looking for service opportunities? Do you already have a Freedom By Design program, and want to make sure you’re operating at peak performance and using the resources included in the newly-revamped FBD Manual in the best way possible? There are a million reasons to attend the FBD training session at Grassroots, and you don’t have to be a current FBD leader or even have an FBD program to come! At this session the Freedom By Design Advisory Committee will discuss strategies to serve in your community in the best way possible, while getting architectural experience (yeah, we’re talking AXP hours) along the way! This year the FBDAC will be collaborating with the AIA Center for Communities by Design to discuss ways to continue community service through architecture as a professional – even after graduation, AIAS members are uniquely suited to help their communities! This session is also your first step toward getting an NCARB Materials Grant for your FBD projects in the 2022-2023 school year; programs with FBD leaders who attend this session, or its companion session during the Grassroots Conference, will be prioritized for grant funding!

Council of Global Representatives Session
Are you a member at an International chapter, or interested in engaging internationally? This is the session for you! The Council of Global Representatives, including our outgoing and incoming International Ambassadors, will host this interactive session to discuss international involvement, the role of the Council, resources for international members, connections to allied organizations, fundraising strategies, and more!


These four sessions will be hosted by the outgoing and incoming Quad Directors, and are focused on a variety of topics geared toward helping you run a successful and well-rounded AIAS chapter, effectively advocate for students, and learn about resources that are available to you as an AIAS member.

Re-Learning Finance
Whether you’re a Chapter President, FBD Director, Treasurer, or regular member, there’s a lot to know about finances in the AIAS! Managing finances can be intimidating no matter your level of experience, so we’re here to help. Join this session to learn about best practices in managing money, fundraising, the resources the AIAS provides, what the Council of Treasurers is, and more!

Re-Building Culture: Learning & Teaching Culture Policies
The pandemic has been a tough time for AIAS chapters, schools of architecture, and students in general. Healthy practices, school dynamics, and established cultures have suffered. As an authority on Learning & Teaching Culture, the AIAS is here to help! Did you know that a Learning & Teaching Culture Policy is a NAAB requirement for all accredited schools of architecture? Even if your school isn’t accredited, these documents (more accurately, what you do with these documents) are monumentally important to maintaining a healthy culture, healthy relationships, and in providing a platform for students to advocate for themselves. Come to this session to learn the ins and outs of creating and maintaining your school’s LTCP, guided by the AIAS’s Model Learning & Teaching Culture Policy, a document recognized by the NAAB as a primary resource for these issues.

Re-Align: The New Alliance
Who is The Alliance, you ask, and why does it sound like a team of superheroes? The Alliance, formerly the Collaterals, is made up of the six organizations that work together to govern and advocate for education and profession of architecture in the US – the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA), the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS – that’s us!!), the National Architecture Accrediting Board (NAAB), the National Council of architectural Registration Boards (NCARB), and the National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA)! This session will focus on who these organizations are, how we work together and interact with each other, and how these partnerships can benefit you and your chapter. Along with the new name, this group of organizations has a new vision for their future joint efforts and advocacy, so come find out how you can get involved with this movement!

Re-Viving Membership: Check Your Vibes
The goal of this session is two-fold. After a tough couple of years, the AIAS is here to provide you with the resources, knowledge, and support you need to rebuild membership and interest, and to help your members on their journey to success – whatever that looks like for them. Simultaneously, the AIAS needs something from you: the vibes! We will use this session to reconnect with the thoughts, feelings, concerns, and ideas of the membership, and to gather relevant information and data that we can use throughout the year to make the changes that our organization needs to better achieve our mission. Attend this session to discuss the AIAS’s Strategic Plan, your chapter’s goals, your members’ needs, and anything else that will help the AIAS help you!

Virtual Leadership & Committee Q&A

If you’re interested in running to be on the AIAS Board of Directors, serving on a national Committee or Task Force, or just in learning more about the AIAS, this is the session for you! Come join our outgoing and incoming Boards of Directors to learn about all the ways you can get involved in the AIAS at the national level – trust us when we say there’s no one way to lead and no path to deeper involvement, and the AIAS benefits from the widest variety of viewpoints, backgrounds and experiences possible!


*This is NOT registration for the in person Grassroots conference. If you have already registered for Grassroots, please register here as well to be included in all communications about the virtual Leadership Day.*