July 21, 2022

Thank you for attending Leadership Day 2022! It was exciting to interact with everyone at our various sessions. For those who were unable to attend each session, we have attached recordings and presentations below. Additionally, on July 17th 2022, President Cooper Moore held the 2022 Grassroots Council of Presidents Meeting in preparation for the Grassroots Leadership Conference later this month. Members of both the outgoing and incoming Boards were joined by over 100 Chapter Leaders from around the world for an exciting day of voting and discussion. Several important changes were ratified by the Council of Presidents (CoP), including:

  • Changes to the AIAS Elections Procedures. The CoP began the process of clearing red tape and separating the elections of the AIAS from its conferences and instead tying them to meetings of the CoP, where voting for the elections actually takes place. 


  • An amendment to the AIAS Vision Statement, which now reads “A more sustainable, healthy, and equitable future through the empowerment of student voices, ideas, and actions.” The Board and the CoP felt that this expressed both a stronger sentiment regarding the future that the AIAS works toward as well as a more accurate representation of a vision statement.


  • Changes to the position of International Ambassadors. The International Ambassador positions were given full voting rights on the Board of Directors and received a name change in addition to the voting power. These positions were renamed to be “Regional Directors” to better fit with the existing terminology used for members of the Board of Directors. 


These changes are part of a 2-year long initiative within the AIAS to stabilize the organization and pivot to face the issues critical to architectural education in accordance with the 2022-2024 AIAS Strategic Plan. Stay tuned for more updates throughout the year, and we hope to see you at Grassroots!


View the presentations from the recordings below:

Watch Recordings Here!


General Session – AIAS 101

How to FBD

NAAB Visiting Team Training

Leadership & Committee Q & A

Council of Global Representatives Session

Re-Viving Membership

Re-Learning Finance

Re-Building Culture: LTCP

Re-Aligned: The New Alliance


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