August 2, 2017 by Elizabeth Seidel, Keshika De Saram

Dear Leader, Advocate, Motivator, Mentor, and Success Seeker,

This year has already kicked off to an incredible start! Let us fill you in on what’s been happening and what to look forward to!

We had some BIG CHANGES at our first Council of President’s meeting! Our new vision statement and value statements were ratified by this year’s chapter leaders! We want to thank you for your involvement in steering our organization to new heights.

The Rebranding of CRIT

We are very excited to be announcing the expansion of CRIT as a brand giving more ways for you to showcase your workWe now have three platforms CRIT LiveCRIT Scholar, and CRIT Journal which allow you to physically present, advance your research with a mentor, and publish your findings respectively.

CRIT in totality allows us to professionally make a contribution of the student’s voice to the profession and academia.  It makes your voice more visible and accessible.

Professional Advancement

We are working to create pathways for students to advance professionally.

We are proud to announce AIAS’s first International Conference in Dubai. #WHAT! This conference will provide a chance to delve deeply into how architecture is practiced in a different part of the world. You will have the opportunity to interact with students and professionals from different cultures gathered for the event. #LetsDubai

State side, in response to your projects over the last few years, AIAS has expanded the scope of Freedom By Design to include solutions to barriers that lie outside the accessible design umbrella. Many chapters have already begun working within the expanded scope. We are excited to see what comes next!

Looking Forward

Our mission this year as your officers is to expand your understanding of what we offer, how we operate, and how we strategically plan to move forward as an organization. All of this taking cues from you, our members. This can be summed up in one word:



n. meaning openness, accountability, straightforwardness, candor

We will be exploring ways in which architectural education, the relationships we build, and the work of the organization can be more transparent. We cannot wait to visit schools nation wide and reflect your values in our daily work. We cannot do this without you. If you want to contribute to these conversations, become a part of a national committee by filling out the Interest Form.

We are here to provide resources and support your work. By building relationships, getting your hands dirty, and sharing your passion, you give the AIAS its collective strength.




Keshika De Saram                  Elizabeth Seidel
AIAS National President         AIAS National Vice President