AIAS Honor Awards Recordings

Membership Manual 2021-2022

Membership Manual 2021-2022 We have compiled this Membership Manual to get you ready and pumped up to usher in the…

2020-2021 Membership Month Manual

2019-2020 Membership Month Manual

Membership Month Manual 2018

Leadership Manual

AIAS Leadership Manual The AIAS would not be possible without the dedication and passion of its local leaders. We want to thank…

Spring Membership Manual 2018

2017 Membership Month Manual

This Membership Month Manual was compiled to spark your excitement and usher you into the new year. We want to give…

AIAS Imagine: Top 60-at-60

The top 60 AIAS members gathered with the Walt Disney Imagineers for an unforgettable weekend in Orlando! This work was…

Faculty Advisor Roles and Responsibilities

This resource provides a summary of the basic roles and responsibilities of an AIAS Faculty Advisor.

Fall 2016 Membership Month Manual

Included in this booklet, you will find: Ideas and examples of events to host during your “Spark Week” A breakdown…

Media Kit

Learn about opportunities to collaborate with the AIAS in this field guide to connecting with student design leaders.