December 4, 2017

FORUM 2017 in Texas is just a few weeks away, and that means we’re rapidly approaching the elections cycle for the 2018-2019 AIAS National Board of Directors!

The American Institute of Architecture Students holds elections each year at FORUM to fill vacancies on the National Board of Directors. The National Board is comprised of a total of eleven positions which include President, Vice President, four regional Quad Directors, ACSA, NCARB and AIA Liaisons (appointed by their respective organizations), the Past President, and the Executive Director (who are both ex officio members of the Board). Student members are eligible to submit candidacy for the President, Vice President and Quad Director positions.

Members on the National Board help steer the course of the organization and connect with chapter leaders and students throughout the AIAS network. It is a great opportunity to further develop leadership abilities, build a solid national and international network with fellow students and professionals, and be a part of directing the AIAS toward a bright future just as student leaders have done for the past 60 years! These positions are crucial to the success of the AIAS, and we rely on your input and vote to select the most qualified candidates. During FORUM, members and delegates of the Council of Presidents will have several opportunities to hear from each candidate, and ask questions about their vision for the organization.

The Chapter Delegate is, by default, the Chapter President. If your Chapter President is not attending FORUM, they can appoint another member of their Chapter as the delegate by contacting the Vice President at If no member of your Chapter is attending FORUM, your Chapter President can appoint a proxy Chapter to cast their Chapter’s vote, provided you are a Chapter In Good Standing. You can still register for FORUM at

Should you have any questions regarding the elections process, please reach out to

Please find below the complete list of Certified Candidates for the 2018-2019 AIAS National Board of Directors! Please click on the individual headshot to view the candidacy packet.

Presidential Candidates


Vice Presidential Candidates


Northeast Quad Director Candidates


South Quad Director Candidates


No current candidates. Candidates may run from the floor at FORUM.

Midwest Quad Director Candidates


West Quad Director Candidates