Clemson University 2017-2018 FBD Project Portfolio

Membership Month 2018 Tools

Spring Membership Manual 2018

Freedom By Design Manual 2018

Freedom by Design Release Forms

2017 FBD Logo Redesign

The new Freedom By Design logo illustrates the service aspect of the AIAS' mission. The hands represent the students extending…

2017 Membership Month Manual

This Membership Month Manual was compiled to spark your excitement and usher you into the new year. We want to give…

AIAS Tax ID, Non-profit Status, & Other Forms

CRIT Issue 81

AIAS Imagine: Top 60-at-60

The top 60 AIAS members gathered with the Walt Disney Imagineers for an unforgettable weekend in Orlando! This work was…

UNC Charlotte 2016-2017 FBD Project Portfolio

Freedom by Design at UNC Charlotte seeks to engage and activate their campus and the surrounding community through purposeful and…

University of Hawaii-Manoa 2016-2017 FBD Project Portfolio

In July 2016, AIAS’ Hawaii Chapter got a taste of what the Grassroots Leadership Conference is like in our country’s…